Thursday, 20 October 2011

An idea for an editorial.

A design for an editorial based on an article about "small victories".

Here's my initial concept, a quick little sketch.

Here's the second image Refined into a more suitable composition and style. 


  1. not sure what the message is

    looks as if a man is playing chess and happily looking at the pawn

    as an image he's in an odd physical relationship with the chess board

  2. My initial concept was two people playing chess and a man taking a pawn looking pleased with himself. I spoke to Darren about it and he told me to make it so all of the chess pieces were pawns representing all of the little victories.

    I understand the composition is still awkward, I could also make it more obvious that all of the chess pieces are pawns. I don't think that's recognisable enough in the image and i could possibly shift the focus from the man in the foreground or even get rid of him completely.

    Will we be continuing with this editorial? and do you think it's worth while me making these changes?