Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Today I was featured in Computer Arts... as a man.

Well, I would like to clarify, I am female, I don't wear glasses and I most certainly do not have a beard! Today I popped to my local WHSmiths and picked up a copy of Computer Arts, I was pleasantly surprised to see my work in this issue! I knew they were publishing it but I didn't know when... but... then something struck me. Something about it wasn't quite right...

I burst out laughing in the middle of Smiths, so in a way Computer Arts have made my day but I'm surprised such a well known and respected magazine would make such a cock-up. Just incase people are wondering THIS is what I look like-

Anyway! If you would like to see the royal blunder in real life and have a good old chuckle and my gender misfortune you can see it in this issue -

Hope you all have a good week!

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  1. Hello :) I saw your winning entry on dA (I also saw some of the drama which is why I don't really frequent it anymore) and was keen to see more of your work, really enjoyed taking a look back through your blog and congrats for the feature in Computer Arts (despite the gender swap haha). Look forward to seeing more!